The representative publications

X. Li, Y.H. Ren, Z.W. Weng, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
Stabilization of high-valent Cu3+ in a Keggin-type polyoxometalate.
Chem. Commun. 56, 2324-2327 (2020).

 Y.N. Wu, D.F. Huang, Y.Y. Fu, L. Zhang, S.X. Liu, G.F. Tang, Y.H. Ren, L. Ye, .X.Y. Chen, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
Investigation on surface acidic properties of the facet-dependent sulfated Cu2O solids by 31P MAS NMR.
Chem.-A Eur J. 25, 14771-14774 (2019).

 Y.N. Wu, Y.Y. Fu, L. Zhang, Y.H. Ren, X.Y. Chen, B. Yue, HY. He.
The study of oxygen vacancies on different facets of anatase TiO2.

Chin. J. Chem. 37, 922-928 (2019).

X.Y. Gao, X.Y. Chen, Z.H. Li, H.Y, He.
Direct synthesis of in-situ chirally modified palladium nanocrystals without capping agents and their application in heterogeneous enantioselective hydrogenations.
ACS Catal. 9, 6100-6110 (2019).

Y.Y. Fu, L. Zhang, B. Yue, X.Y. Chen, H.Y. He.
Simultaneous characterization of solid acidity and basicity of metal oxide catalysts via solid state NMR technique.
J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 24094-24102 (2018).
N. Su, X.Y. Gao, X.Y. Chen, B. Yue, H.Y He.
The enantioselective hydrogenation of acetophenone over Pd concave tetrahedron nanocrystals affected by the residual adsorbed capping agent polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP).
J. Catal. 367, 244-251 (2018).

 N. Su, X.Y. Chen, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
Formation of palladium concave nanocrystals via auto-catalytic tip overgrowth by interplay of reduction kinetics, concentration gradient and surface diffusion.
Nanoscale 8, 8673-8680 (2016).

Y.C. Hu, B. Guo, Y.Y. Fu, Y.H. Ren, G.F. Tang, X.Y. Chen, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
Facet-dependent acidic and catalytic properties of sulfated titania solid superacids.
Chem. Commun. 51, 14219-14222 (2015).

 C. Wang, L.Y. Hu, Y.C. Hu, Y.H. Ren, X.Y. Chen, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
Direct hydroxylation of benzene to phenol over metal oxide supported graphene oxide catalysts.
Catal. Commun. 68, 1-5 (2015).

 N. Su, X.Y. Chen, YH. Ren, B. Yue, H. Wang, W.B. Cai, H.Y. He.
The facile synthesis of single crystalline palladium arrow-headed tripods and their application in formic acid electro-oxidation.
Chem. Commun. 51, 7195-7198 (2015).

 N. Su, X.Y. Chen, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
Preparation of free-standing mesoporous metal catalysts and their applications in heterogeneous enantioselective hydrogenations.
Catal. Sci. Techno. 5, 638-649 (2015).

 L.P. Qian, W.J. Cai, L. Zhang, L. Ye, J. Li, M. Tang, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
The promotion effect of hydrogen spillover on CH4 reforming with CO2 over Rh/MCF catalysts.
Appl. Catal. B: Environ. 164, 168-175 (2015).

 L.Y. Hu, C. Wang, L. Ye, Y.N. Wu, B. Yue, X.Y. Chen, H.Y. He.
Direct hydroxylation of benzene to phenol using H2O2 as an oxidant over vanadium-containing mesoporous carbon catalysts.
Appl. Catal. A: Gen. 504, 440-447 (2015).

 L.Y. Hu, B. Yue, C. Wang, X.Y. Chen, H.Y. He.
Enhanced catalytic activity over vanadium-containing silylated SBA-15 catalysts for styrene epoxidation and benzene hydroxylation.

Appl. Catal. A: Gen. 477, 141-146 (2014).

 W.J. Cai, L. Ye, L. Zhang, Y.H. Ren, B. Yue, X.Y. Chen, H.Y. He.
Highly dispersed nickel-containing mesoporous silica with superior stability in carbon dioxide reforming of methane: effect of anchoring.
Materials 7, 2340-2355 (2014).

 Y. Wang, N. Su, L. Ye, Y.H. Ren, X.Y. Chen, Y.J. Du, Z.H. Li, B Yue, S.C. Tsang, Q. Chen, H.Y. He.
Tuning enantioselectivity in asymmetric hydrogenation of acetophenone and its derivatives via confinement effect over free-standing mesoporous Pd network catalysts.
J. Catal. 313, 113-126 (2014).

 Z.P Kong, B. Yue, W. Deng, K.K. Zhu, M.G. Yan, Y.F. Peng, H.Y. He.
Direct synthesis of hierarchically porous TS-1 through a solvent-evaporation route and its application as an oxidation catalyst.
Appl. Organometallic Chem. 28, 239-243 (2014).

 L.Y. Hu, B. Yue, X.Y. Chen, H.Y. He.
Direct hydroxylation of benzene to phenol on Cu-V bimetal modified HMS catalysts.
Catal. Commun. 43, 179-183 (2014).


 L. Zhang, B. Yue, Y.H. Ren, X.Y. Chen, H.Y. He.
An aluminum promoted cesium salt of 12-tungstophosphoric acid: a catalyst for n-butane isomerization.
Catal. Sci. Techno. 3, 2113-2118 (2013).

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Controllable preparation and structures of two zinc phosphonocarboxylate frameworks with MER and RHO zeolitic topologies.
CrystEngComm 15, 7056-7061 (2013).

 L. Zhang, Y.H. Ren, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
Recent development in in situ NMR study on heterogeneous catalysis: mechanisms of light alkane functionalization.
Chem. Commun. 48, 2370-2384 (2012).

 Y.H. Ren, C.B. Du, S.J. Feng, C.L. Wang, Z.P. Kong, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
Three POM-based coordination polymers: hydrothermal synthesis, characterization, and catalytic activity in epoxidation of styrene.
CrysEngComm 13, 7143-7148 (2011).

 M.L. Deng, Y. Ling, B. Xia, Z.X. Chen, Y.M. Zhou, X.F. Liu, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
Synthesis of iso-reticular zinc(II)-phosphonocarboxylate frameworks and their application in the Friedel-Crafts benzylation reaction.
Chem.-A Eur. J. 17, 10323-10328 (2011).

 L. Ye, Y. Wang, X.Y. Chen, B. Yue, S.C. Tsang, H.Y. He.
Three-dimentionally ordered mesoporous Pd networks templated by silica super crystal and their application in formic acid electrooxidation.
Chem. Commun. 47, 7389-7391 (2011).

 L.P. Qian, Y. Ren, H. Yu, Y. Wang, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
Controlled atmosphere 13C and 1H MAS NMR study of reforming route of methane with carbon dioxide over Rh/SBA-15.
Appl. Catal. A: Gen. 401, 114-118 (2011).

 C.L. Wang, Y.H. Ren, C.B. Du, B. Yue, Z.P. Kong, L.H. Weng, H.Y. He.
Honeycomb nanoscale-porous material constructed from copper complexes and mixed-addenda Lindqvist-type polyoxoanions.
CrystEngComm 12, 3522-3525 (2010).

 Z.Y. Lou, X.Y. Chen, L. Tian, M.H. Qiao, K.N. Fan, H.Y. He, X.X. Zhang, B.N. Zong.
Preparation and characterization of the chirally modified rapidly quenched skeletal Ni catalyst for enantioselective hydrogenation of butanone to R-(-)-2-butanol.
J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem. 326, 113-120 (2010).

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Progress of the application of mesoporous silica-supported heteropolyacids in heterogeneous catalysis and preparation of nanostructured metal oxides.
Materials 3, 764-785 (2010).

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Crystalline three-dimensionally cubic mesoporous niobium oxide.
CrystEngComm 12, 344-347 (2010).

 S.J. Feng, S.P. Pei, B. Yue, L. Ye, L.P. Qian, H.Y. He.
Synthesis and characterization of V-HMS employed for catalytic hydroxylation of benzene.
Catal. Lett. 131, 458-462 (2009).

 H.L. Tang, Y.Q. Qian, Y. Ren, H.Y. Chen, I.M. Jones, B. Yue, H.Y. He, S.C. Tsang.
Mesoporous concentric magnetic FePt core-shells nanoparticle with functionalized surfaces for capturing metal ions and DNA molecules.
J. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 9, 4604-4610 (2009).

 J.F. Cheng, S.P. Pei, B. Yue, L.P. Qian, C.X. He, Y. Zhou, H.Y. He.
Synthesis and characterization of hollow zeolite microspheres with a mesoporous shell by O/W/O emulsion and vapor-phase transport method.
Micropor. Mesopor. Mater. 115, 383-388 (2008).

 H.L. Tang, C.H. Yu, W. Oduro, H.Y. He, S.C. Tsang.
Engineering of monodisperse core-shells magnetic Ti-O-Si epoxide nanocatalyst.
Langmuir 24, 1587-1590 (2008).

 X.Y. Chen, Z.Y. Lou, M.H. Qiao, K.N. Fan, S.C. Tsang, H.Y. He.
Hexagonally packed Pd nanoarray catalyst for liquid-phase enantioselective hydrogenation of acetophenone to R-(+)-1-phenylethanol in the presence of S-proline.
J. Phys. Chem. C. 112, 1316-1320 (2008).

 X.Y. Chen, M.H. Qiao, S.H. Xie, K.N. Fan, W.Z. Zhou, H.Y. He.
Self-construction of core-shell and hollow zeolite analcime icositetrahedra: a reversed crystal growth process via oriented aggregation of nanocrystallites and recrystallization from surface to core.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129, 13305 -13312 (2007).

 S.P. Pei, B. Yue, L.P. Qian, S.R. Yan, J.F. Chen, Y. Zhou, S.H. Xie, H.Y. He.
Preparation and characterization of P-Mo-V mixed oxide incorporated mesoporous silica catalysts for selective oxidation of methane to formaldehyde.
Appl. Catal. A: Gen. 329, 148-155 (2007).

 Y. Zhou, R.L. Bao, B. Yue, M. Gu, S.P. Pei, H.Y. He.
Synthesis, characterization and catalytic application of SBA-15 immobilized rare earth metal sandwiched polyoxometalates.
J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem. 270, 50-55 (2007).

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Selective oxidation of cyclohexane in supercritical carbon dioxide.
Catal. Lett. 113, 115-119 (2007).

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Cu-incorporated mesoporous materials: synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity in phenol hydroxylation.
J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem. 260, 121-127 (2006).

 Y.C. Li, S.R. Yan, L.P. Qian, W.M. Yang, Z.K. Xie, Q.L. Chen, B. Yue, H.Y. He.
Effect of tin on Nb2O5/a-Al2O3 catalyst for ethylene oxide hydration.
J. Catal. 241, 173-179 (2006).

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Controlled formation of Ni-B amorphous alloy nanoarray via ultrasound-assisted reductant-infiltration strategy.
Chem. Lett. 35, 390-391 (2006).

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The leading role of association on framework modification of highly siliceous zeolites with adsorbed methylamine.
ChemPhysChem 7, 607-613 (2006).

 Y. Zou, B. Yue, B. Zhang, H.Y. He.
Solid synthesis of CsxH3-xPW12O40 salts and their catalytic activity for the isomerization of n-butane.
Chem. Lett. 35, 202-203 (2006).

 S.X. Liu, B. Yue, K. Jiao, Y. Zhou, H.Y. He.
Template synthesis of one-dimensional nanostructured spinel zinc ferrite.
Mater. Lett. 60, 154-158 (2006).